Who Are You?

Happy Monday – I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

I went to several estate sales on Sunday and was overwhelmed with lovely items – including this collection of things above.  If only I had a bigger home!  All the shopping made me wonder about all of you; the readers.  Who are you lovely people!?  Where do you live? What makes your heart skip a beat? What vintage goodies are you loving these days?

Please leave some comments to introduce yourself, tell me about your recent shopping finds or anything else you’d like to share.  It will help me shape the blog for months to come!

If you don’t have time to comment, simply answer the handy dandy poll below.  I can’t thank you all enough for following me on this journey!


Working Weekend

Just a quick note to wish everyone a wonderful couple of days!  The photo above is the start of my Etsy shop soon to be filled with vintage goodies.  I will keep you up to date on the progress.  It is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I am excited to share it with all of you!

Also, I will be covering the New York Shecky’s Girls Night Out tomorrow as their guest blogger, so it’ll be a working weekend!   If you haven’t heard of their events, check out Shecky’s HERE – they host events all over the country.  I can’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday than shopping with a cocktail in hand.  Yes, please.

My Little Maison: Morgan Reid of Reidmore

I bumped into Morgan from Reidmore on twitter a few months back and was immediately drawn to her blog’s clean look and logo.  Upon further investigation, Reidmore offers a view into her life with fun weekly posts like Top 5 Favorites and Have Dog, Will Travel; where she explores Washington, DC with her pup, Tilly.  Her posts are relaxed and comfortable as if you were reading updates from an old friend.  Morgan also has a great eye for design and I’m excited to see what her new digs after her recent post of 5 necessities for her new apartment.   Thanks again Morgan for taking part of the My Little Maison Project!


Tell us about yourself and your inspiration behind starting the blog?
I had an old blog through high school and college and ended up stopping when classes, internships and my job hunt became too much. I got a job in Sales, and came home after work, craving some creative project. Moving to a new city, I knew I needed to step outside of my comfort zone to make friends, so blogging and building that network seemed like the next logical step.

How often do you post and what is the majority of your content about?
I try to post a few times each week, but life gets the best of me! I’m envious of bloggers who are diligent enough to post daily!

What are your future plans for the blog?
Well, I’ve got a few years of graphic design and social media experience under my belt, so I’m working on a Reidmore Creative business. I’ve got the entrepreneurship itch, so I’d love to turn this into a career, helping small businesses and bloggers with design and growing their presence.

I asked Morgan to share 3 of her favorite things from her home.  I am loving #1 below!

Favorite Item #1:
Bronze Moroccan pouf: My apartment is a tiny shoebox, so pieces like this that serve as an ottoman or seating work well. I’ve traveled to Morocco last year, so this reminds me of my time there, wandering the markets!

Favorite Item #2:
Dog Painting: Above my couch I’ve got an arrangements of funny prints and photos, so this quirky painting I did of my dog fits in just right. She’s sort of the queen of the apartment, so it makes sense. You could definitely call me a Crazy Dog Lady!

Favorite Item #3:
Antique kitchen table: When I moved to DC without a single piece of furniture or any sort of budget, Craigslist was the best I could do. I bought this table and 4 chair set for $100 and had to remove layers and layers of green bubbling paint. After a few trips to Home Depot, the table looks completely different! I painted the top with a nice neutral, but put a fun, bright chevron pattern on the bottom, just for an unexpected surprise.

Finally, I asked Morgan to share a favorite spot in her Little Maison.  The one word she used to describe it:  CREATIVE. 

Working on my Reidmore blog and Reidmore Creative design and business ideas, this office nook in my tiny bedroom was the first investment I made in this new endeavor. It’s still a work in progress, for sure. But I love that I can pin up things that inspire me on the cork boards. There is just something about sitting at a real desk (as opposed to a bed or kitchen table in my case) that makes you much more productive.


Thank you for letting us take a peek inside your world Morgan!


I am happy to announce the winner of the Calinana bracelet giveaway is Kelsey Reinhart!  If you missed the earlier post, be sure you check out the fabulous accessories by Calinana HEREThank you to Calinana and to everyone who took the time to enter. 

Want to know more about the winner, Kelsey?  Check out her blog!  I am big fan of her Saturday Six posts – they give you a peek into her life!

 Please note, the winner was selected at random by

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Monday Blues

I hate Mondays but a little cobalt blue makes me smile!  I found myself dreaming up back yard get-togethers with these groovy napkins and gathered some unique table accessories to match.  Try this color combination for July 4th – it’ll be unexpected fun!

  • Mod print cloth napkins HERE from Cinful Oldies and Goodies.
  • Wise Apple Vintage shakes it up with a pop of yellow HERE.
  • Shiny re-purposed perfection from Bellonart Designs HERE
  • Have a little veggie burger on the go HERE by Bridgewood Place.

Stay tuned:  I am announcing the WINNER to the Calinana bracelet giveaway tonight!


I’ve been so busy lately but I need to take a moment and thank four lovely bloggers who recently awarded me my first blogger awards! 

Although I have been told I am quite the rule follower, I must break a few in effort to showcase some blogs I love, thank those who’ve awarded me and make this easy reading for all.  Therefore, previous rules and instructions for each of these awards are being shortened.   It’s all about thanking folks and continuing to pay it forward, right?

Therefore, if you’ve been awarded here, simply enjoy the title and then pass the torch to as many bloggers as you see fit.  If you want the real rules/instructions, check them out here, here, here and here or just click on a badge below!THANK YOU:  Madison Cary for my One Lovely Blogger Award.  Her blog is sweet and so chic.  My favorite post as of late was her apple post.   Just random fun!

AWARDED:  My dear West Coast friend, Annette, who is new to the blogging scene.  Her blog, A Lawyer Walks into a Coffee Bar, is one to watch!

THANK YOU:  Somersaulting Through Life for my Beautiful Blogger Award.  If you love TV, books, movies – with perhaps some Jane Austen thrown in, this blog is for you. 

AWARDED:  Kate from Things I’m Loving and I met when she volunteered for a My Little Maison post. Her blog is simply elegant and she will be a life long blogger friend!

THANK YOU:  JeannieRichard, a husband and wife team who design fabulous jewelry and blog regularly, for my Versatile Blogger Award.  You may remember my Not So Mellow post where I included their yellow Cleopatra ring.  Their work is superb!

AWARDED:  Kelsey from Pinegate Road is truly a versatile blogger.  Her self-crafted blog is a work of art and posts like Color Studies spill over with inspiration!

THANK YOU: One Little Happy Mama, whose art work inspires.  I adore checking in on her regular posts to see what paintings are in creation.  Check out her Etsy Shop as well, HERE.

AWARDED:  VOE Events is new to the blogging world and this duo of dynamic New York ladies will be reporting in on tons of lovely wedding & event ideas!  Since I am newly engaged, I’ve been enjoying their Q&A posts will local vendors.  Check them out!

THANK YOU again to everyone who nominated me and

happy blog reading and writing to all!

Don’t forget!  There is still time to enter the CALINANA GIVEAWAY HERE!

A winner will be announced this weekend 🙂