I’ve been so busy lately but I need to take a moment and thank four lovely bloggers who recently awarded me my first blogger awards! 

Although I have been told I am quite the rule follower, I must break a few in effort to showcase some blogs I love, thank those who’ve awarded me and make this easy reading for all.  Therefore, previous rules and instructions for each of these awards are being shortened.   It’s all about thanking folks and continuing to pay it forward, right?

Therefore, if you’ve been awarded here, simply enjoy the title and then pass the torch to as many bloggers as you see fit.  If you want the real rules/instructions, check them out here, here, here and here or just click on a badge below!THANK YOU:  Madison Cary for my One Lovely Blogger Award.  Her blog is sweet and so chic.  My favorite post as of late was her apple post.   Just random fun!

AWARDED:  My dear West Coast friend, Annette, who is new to the blogging scene.  Her blog, A Lawyer Walks into a Coffee Bar, is one to watch!

THANK YOU:  Somersaulting Through Life for my Beautiful Blogger Award.  If you love TV, books, movies – with perhaps some Jane Austen thrown in, this blog is for you. 

AWARDED:  Kate from Things I’m Loving and I met when she volunteered for a My Little Maison post. Her blog is simply elegant and she will be a life long blogger friend!

THANK YOU:  JeannieRichard, a husband and wife team who design fabulous jewelry and blog regularly, for my Versatile Blogger Award.  You may remember my Not So Mellow post where I included their yellow Cleopatra ring.  Their work is superb!

AWARDED:  Kelsey from Pinegate Road is truly a versatile blogger.  Her self-crafted blog is a work of art and posts like Color Studies spill over with inspiration!

THANK YOU: One Little Happy Mama, whose art work inspires.  I adore checking in on her regular posts to see what paintings are in creation.  Check out her Etsy Shop as well, HERE.

AWARDED:  VOE Events is new to the blogging world and this duo of dynamic New York ladies will be reporting in on tons of lovely wedding & event ideas!  Since I am newly engaged, I’ve been enjoying their Q&A posts will local vendors.  Check them out!

THANK YOU again to everyone who nominated me and

happy blog reading and writing to all!

Don’t forget!  There is still time to enter the CALINANA GIVEAWAY HERE!

A winner will be announced this weekend 🙂


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