Beauty In Ordinary Things

Last weekend George and I took the East River Ferry from our neighborhood in Queens to Manhattan. It was a fun way to travel into the city even though the boat ride itself was fast and bumpy. When we got off I stopped in my tracks to admire the very cool design which someone had painted on the highway dividers. I was even more captivated with the reflection created by a puddle left over from the rain. It reminded me of something I would have painted years ago at FIT in my Textile Design program.

It’s fun to stop and appreciate the beauty in ordinary things sometimes. Life moves so fast and we just don’t do it enough.

Need some more photos? Look HERE and HERE

Enjoy the long weekend!


One thought on “Beauty In Ordinary Things

  1. locomeow says:

    Very aesthetically pleasing. I love that. A color and a design that I feel is also calming in a not so calm place. Beautiful!

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