Inspiring Designer: Pop Soisangwan

When I first started Little Maison, I connected with designer Pop Soisangwan on facebook.  I was immediately drawn to her crisp fabrics and chic silhouettes.  I was thrilled when Pop agreed to a Q&A and couldn’t wait to share some of her designs.  This luxury label caters to those who truly appreciate made-to-order pieces and one of a kind hand painted silk scarves.  Pop Soisangwan is definitely one to watch!

To celebrate her recent website launch, Pop is offering a 5% Discount on any purchases made at her shop with discount code:  FW2012


Name: Pop Soisangwan
Hometown: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Current City of Residence: Ashland, Ohio
Occupation: Designer and founder of Pop Soisangwan, LLC

Tell us about yourself and where you draw inspiration from.

My inspiration comes from my local region in northern Thailand called Lanna, and I add a modern twist to classic Lanna style. However, my collection is more “East meets West” than an ethnic take on Thai fashion. For example, this Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection was inspired by antique flowery imagery often seen in the Western paintings, together Lanna silhouette. After finishing a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I decided to do my own thing which is create my own brand.

What piece in your line is your favorite why?

My favorite piece is the Leg-of-mutton dress in black (above) because of the sewing technique. Actually the material is plain silk organza, but the ‘uneven little knife pleats’ make it very elegant. Another detail that makes it stand out for me is the sleeves, which are inspired by the 1890’s Gibson Girl, but the neckline and silhouette are classic.

What are your future plans for the label?

I want to continue to develop the brand’s recognition.

Looking forward, what trends are you anticipating for Fall 2012?

-Bold/saturated colors such as gold an blue
-Homely/antique prints
-Transparent fabric such as silk organza
-Luxurious fabrics such as silk and velvet

Finally, I asked Pop to share her favorite spot in her Little Maison.  I love this little spot below!

This is an antique table where I like to work. I spend time there reading because it is by the window. It’s old but I searched several antique stores in Amish Country for it and the chairs. They’ve been repainted with new fabric to match.

Don’t forget to check take advantage of the  5% Discount on any purchases made at her shop with discount code:  FW2012



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