Little Guide To Paris

I was reading Pocketful of Dreams recently and the author Michelle requested some recommendations for her upcoming trip to Paris .  It got me thinking of my own trip a few years back and inspired me to share some of my favorites!  It was a wonderful experience and I recommend doing it once if you can.  If you don’t think you’ll find yourself there soon, grab a warm cup of tea or a glass of red wine and enjoy the photos below!  Bonne Journé!

1.  Take to the Water.  Do this early in the trip to get a better idea of how the city is laid out.  The views of the Eiffel tower are amazing but I was particularly fond of seeing the many bridges around the city. 

2.  Indulge!  There are endless bakeries and pastry shops in Paris, go in all of them and snag a little treat!  Keep your intake moderate and take solace in the fact that you will be burning calories walking the beautiful streets of Paris.  I do highly recommend spending an afternoon at Angelina’s for a hot chocolate.  It’s worth taking time to sit in their formal dining area to thoroughly enjoy.

3.  Act like a local. While there, we discovered on Wednesday evenings Parisians gather at the Pont des Arts with wine, cheese and circles of friends.  It was a lovely way to spend time and I just adore the thousands of locks attached to the gates on the bridge.  Next time I go back, I will be married and would love to leave a lock behind for me and George!

4.  Get lost, literally.  I can’t stress enough how some of the best sights I saw were by accident.  This particular photo below is from a small street behind Sacré Cœur but there are hundreds of little gems hidden behind the tourist attractions.  Schedule time not only to see the big sights but to explore the surrounding area as well.

5. Spend a full day at a Flea market.  There are plenty to choose from but I’d highly recommend Marché aux Puces de Paris Saint-ouen.  I spent a full day and couldn’t get enough of the endless treasures.  Even if you’re not a vintage lover like me, I think it’s the best place to pick up an authentic souvenir from your trip.  Safe Travels!

Learn a little bit more about me and my love for all things French HERE.


15 thoughts on “Little Guide To Paris

  1. Kelsey says:

    Thanks for the guide Mandy! I’ve been a couple times now, but have yet to check out a flea market…how strange 🙂 I’d love to go back and do that thanks to you.

  2. paprikapancake says:

    This made my heart ache for Paris! I think Angelina’s must do the best “chocolat chaud” in the world. I had it at the rue de Rivoli store after visiting the Tuilleries and before heading onto the Louvre. it truly is a magical city.

  3. parisiansilhouette says:

    wow you didnt tell me you knew soo much about Paris! haha I also love spending afternoon’s at Angelinas 🙂

  4. locomeow says:

    My heart skipped a beat and I got all giddy when I saw and read this! We will be in Paris in July. By then our kitchen will be repainted, turquoise, and it will be ready for decorating!!!! I’d better take an extra suitcase!

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