My Little Maison: 3BadMice

In the second installment of the new series, My Little Maison, I am happy to introduce the lovely ladies of 3BadMice! This trio of sisters blog across the miles from London to Hong Kong about everything from fashion to food to their travels together and apart.  Natalie, Melissa and Alice are the three best friends every girl wishes for with style, sass and a bit of humor (check out their cute blog header and you’ll know what I mean).  3BadMice is a wonderful daily read and since London is on my ‘travel list’ I already started bookmarking some of their wonderful recommendations!


Tell us about yourselves and your inspiration behind starting the blog?  We’re three sisters who has always been incredibly close and the very best of friends (bar the odd argument about who was going to get to marry Mark Owen and a little later in life, who spilt red wine down whose new dress).

In 2009, Natalie moved to Hong Kong with work while Melissa & Alice stayed in London.  All of a sudden we were 5995 miles apart and trying to squeeze phone calls and BBM chats around the time difference to keep track of each other’s boyfriends, nights out and latest purchases.  Emails were constantly flying backwards and forwards with links to things we thought the others would like, reporting back on adventures to far flung corners of the globe and places we’d eaten, downed cocktails and danced.

Late last year we came up with the idea of setting up a blog as a place to share all our latest favorite things with each other.  We all love writing and photography, so it seemed the perfect way to keep each other up to date.  And so Three Bad Mice was born, a sort of sisters’ scrapbook/ little black book on everything from the songs that we can’t get out of our heads to our favorite looks from Fashion Week.  We’ve been going for just over two months now and we’ve loved every second of it.

How often do you post and what is the majority of your content about?  We blog one post a day, usually taking it in turns to write.  3BM is a general lifestyle blog but we’re all a bit style and shopping crazy so its probably slightly fashion skewed.  We write about anything and everything that we’re currently obsessing over whether that’s a new brunch spot we’ve discovered, a favorite artist, an amazing boutique hotel we’ve stayed in or a pair of perilously high heels that we’re lusting over.

What are your future plans for the blog?  We’re really still finding our feet and are just amazed at the number of daily hits that we get!

Next, I asked the 3BadMice to share 3 of favorite items in their home.  First up are the London Mice, Melissa & Alice.

((1)) A rustic aqua picture frame from the beautiful Osprey Home, a charming lifestyle store nestled in the countryside of Hertfordshire. The frame holds a snap of a sweet little Spanish car taken on a recent 3BadMice summer holiday in Vejer. The frame hangs in pride of place in our London flat, it’s one of our most unusual gems and always receives lots of compliments.  ((2)) A contemporary ceramic vase from Manchester based store, Moth – where homeware dreams come true! We love the 3D geometric unusual design and it’s ability to look super with or without flowers. When we visited this sweet shop last year, we fell in love with practically everything from the gorgeous white-washed floorboards, the bespoke jewellery, quirky wooden carved coat stands to the over-sized ornate mirrors propped up against walls. If we could have bought the whole shop we would have!  ((3)) Four minimalist industrial style statement stacking chairs from Magis – a little uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time and results in the worst basket bum ever but hey sitting in style is worth the pain! We fell in love with these chairs after seeing one in Topshop, Oxford Street and then spent months and months searching the internet trying to track them down! We did eventually and are now proud owners – we only had to sell our car to purchase them!!

Next, Natalie shares her 3 favorite items from her Hong Kong home!

((1)) These are my most treasured possessions.  Our Mum was an artist and this pen and ink drawing is one of her pieces.  It’s particularly special because its a drawing of me when I was a toddler.  The jewellery are my two absolute favorite pieces.  They go with everything and look just as good with a beachy maxi dress as with a little black dress.  The cocktail ring was our Mum’s and the necklace was our Granny’s (our Granny drew for Vogue and had the most amazing jewellery box that has yielded so many timeless treasures that the three of us still wear decades after she bought them).  ((2)) This photo includes a couple of my major obsessions.  I love anything with a fig fragrance and Diptyque Figuier candles are in my opinion the very best fig candles.  They’re pricey but definitely worth the splurge; a little luxury to make everyday feel a bit special.  The wooden key is by Rob Ryan, one of my absolute favorite artists.  Rob Ryan specializes in paper cutting and screen printing.  I just love his work and have everything from a gorgeous print to a lasercut paper cut to printed tiles.  I think this key is so special, I adore everything about it from its crookedness to its sweet inscription.  Finally the teacup and saucer are from Goods of Desire (G.O.D.), a Hong Kong home and lifestyle store.  The London Mice have its other half in their flat in London – its sort of like one of those broken heart necklaces with a little teabag twist!  ((3)) My shoes!  These are a few of my favorite pairs.  I’m a bit addicted to very high heels.  I’m only 5″4 so I wear heels pretty much everywhere but the beach!  My highest pair is 7 inches which still leaves me 6 inches shorter than my boyfriend!  My favorite shoe designers are Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu and Camilla Skovgaard but I also love Zara and Topshop for cheap fashion fixes.  The bright pink platform pumps are Kandee.  They reminded me a bit of the Charlotte Olympia Polly pumps and I love that they can give a real color pop to an otherwise dull outfit.  I shot my shoes in my apartment block’s swimming pool – it’s due to be filled for summer any day soon but don’t worry my pride and joy are safely back in their shoe boxes now.

Finally, I asked the ladies of 3BadMice to share a favorite spot in their Little Maison. 

London Mice (left):  On our balcony, our tranquil Oasis; G&T in hand, wind chime tinkling, reclining in style on our bamboo deck chairs from the one and only Sunday marketplace, Columbia Road.   Hong Kong (right):  In my dressing room – which sounds so glam but the reality is that as I live in a shoebox proportioned flat I had to use the second bedroom as a wardrobe… getting ready in here in the mornings surrounded by all my favorite things makes me super happy and definitely sets me up for the day.
Thanks again ladies – it was lovely to spend some time with you 🙂



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