My Little Maison: Kelsey Cronkhite of Pinegate Road

I am so pleased to announce a new series today called My Little Maison  This Q&A concept will be an introduction, in words and pictures, to some of the lovely people I’ve met during my blogging adventure.

The first feature of the series is Kelsey Cronkhite, whose blog Pinegate Road is a treat for the eyes.  Kelsey’s graphic design background definitely inspires an exhilarating mix of style finds, art, photography and even the occasional calligraphy note.   In short, Kelsey is simply charming and Pinegate Road is a must read.


Tell us about yourself and your inspiration behind starting the blog? When I started working my junior year of undergrad, my fellow design-mates and I became obsessed with scouring the internet for inspiration on blogs, etc. As these obsessions expanded (and my google reader grew) I wanted a little piece of the action. I started my blog the fall after I graduated undergrad, when I moved to Savannah to start my MFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design. After a year passed, I’d had about twelve posts, and wasn’t feeling very fulfilled by the blogging process. Then August came, and I don’t know what it was, but I decided to get really serious about it. I wanted a place where I could start a vision, and really document the process of my design life. As I continued on in the MFA program, I decided on a thesis topic: self-curation. This is when I started to use my blog as a source of practice and research to inspire my studies, and vice versa. Pinegate Road, much like it’s name, is a constant journey through my practice as a creative.

How often do you post and what is the majority of your content about? I try to post about twice daily during the weekdays, and once daily on the weekends. As I work part-time, and am a full-time grad student, you can imagine this doesn’t always happen. A girl can dream, right? My content focuses on my interests in design, art, fashion, and food. I have a variety of weekly columns (like color studies, outfittings, and les choses — I’m a wannabe francophile), as well as interspersed inspirations.

What are your future plans for the blog? I really hope that this blog can continue on the track of research for my thesis (which I’ll be completing a year from now), and that it can serve as a source of inspiration for others. I don’t have any specific goals, but as it’s been growing, I’ve been loving the opportunities to connect with other bloggers and readers. I’ve even been in closer contact with friends and family through the blog — they like to comment and interject about content here and there, it’s been a great way to keep a link to them.  The blog has also served as a kind of motivation to keep my life inspired — I really like this idea. You can get lazy as a creative, and Pinegate Road keeps me on my feet both professionally and in my life in general.

I asked Kelsey to share three favorite items from her home.  I adore her selections!

I've had this beaded pouch for a couple years; it was my grandmothers. I've saved the contents just as I received it, two decorated bobby pins, and a necklace. Every time I pull this pouch out, I am inspired by the beauty of items from the past, and am also reminded of my grandmother.

This was made for a project last year, and represents my inspiration as a graphic designer. I have it hung on my wall, and love the way it looks on a sunny day. It keeps me smiling. (click photo to see Kelsey's project)

In my very small kitchen, I keep shoe racks against one wall that house all of my dishes. Each one of the items were given to me by my mother, who is obsessed with kitchen trinkets. I love that even while I'm in grad school and have very little free-time, I have the necessities to host almost any kind of food-related gathering.

Finally, I asked Kelsey to share a favorite spot in her Little Maison.  The one word she used to describe it:  REFLECTIVE.

My desk is where I spend almost all my awake hours at home. I sit and bounce around on my little yoga ball and I type, click, and draw all day long. I have a wall of inspiration above my desk, filled with some of my photography, art prints, and other small paper items. They are lined up, but decorated with washi tape in a haphazard way. I like to think of design like that…it's structured with thought, history, and meaning, but also can be quirky and unexpected when done right. These lined up collages are something I've done since I moved away from home for the first time many moons ago, and I quite like them.


I can’t thank Kelsey enough for sharing her Little Maison!  Don’t forget to stop by Pinegate Road!


6 thoughts on “My Little Maison: Kelsey Cronkhite of Pinegate Road

  1. Stephanie says:

    Kelsey I absolutely love you and the inspiration you give. You are going places… or wait, you are places! It’s fantastic to see how you have evolved as the designer you are and I am so blessed to have you as a friend. I look forward to following your adventure 🙂

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