Antique Town: Jim Thorpe

On a quiet Saturday a few weeks ago, I spent the afternoon in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.  You might remember my store tour of Shabby Foo Foo;  it was just one of the quaint shops we stumbled into.  The town was just waking up from a sleepy Winter, but it left the antique shops uncrowded and easy to enjoy.

The photo above is of the “east side of Jim Thorpe”, as I learned from one of my helpful readers!  The sunset was casting such a glow on the town, I literally took the photo through the trees.  Check out some of my favorite photos of Jim Thorpe below, the architecture alone will steal your heart.The shop I loved the most was Trappe Alley Ltd., a used bookstore filled to the brim with beautiful books and trinkets. (see below)  The shop owner told us that his family had been in the the town for centuries and his relatives were coal miners.  He definitely had an appreciation for ‘good old stuff’ and the books, they were endless!

I can’t wait to stop by this little town again when the greenery returns to the trees.  I am sure it’ll be picture perfect!


11 thoughts on “Antique Town: Jim Thorpe

  1. Holly says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the first photo is of Jim Thorpe, not Nesquehoning. It is the “east side”. Nesquehoning is a town 3 miles away from Jim Thorpe.

  2. Cassidy Sterry says:

    What a beautiful piece of history, never thought it as a place I’d like to see until i read your blog. We passed through Penn. on our way to CT from Tennesse just last month. Maybe next time we will have to stop and look around! I am now happily following your blog! Hop over and check mine out sometime 🙂

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