Blog Artistique: JoliCassoulet

"Loves me, loves me not, loves me, loves me not… Loves me !
I knew it anyways."

If you are looking for a witty french blog infused with fashion and art, look no further than JoliCassoulet.

The lovely Laure and Claire teamed up to share their creations weekly on JoliCassoulet, which quite honestly, makes me smile.  Their aesthetic for fashion is superb and showcased regularly with their collage illustrations.   The witty French quotes are translated into English but the French handwriting makes each piece even more chic.  J’adore JoliCassoulet!

Names: Laure and Claire
Occupation: Sorbonne University Students
Hometown & Current City of Residence:  Paris, France

- Darling, what are you thinking about?
-Peace on earth…

How would you describe your work?     Illustrations of elegant, slightly brainless and extremely frivolous girls.  JoliCassoulet captures their profound and philosophical discussions on manicures, fashion trends and men.  Because whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve all shared their thoughts at one point or another!

We try to render their Parisian spirit with a touch of humor, class and eroticism.

These are not meant to be taken too seriously of course, just to enlighten your day.  All we need to do this are pens that we both use in different ways:  Laure writes, Claire draws, and here comes JoliCassoulet!

"Do you think it’s a sign God might be testing me? He’s small, unattractive and completely broke…and yet I’m falling for him."

What is your favorite place in Paris?:   Saint-Germain-des-Près.  Sipping red wine at “La Palette“.

Name your top three current obsessions:

  1. Mixing prints.  New trend this summer that we find very inspiring.
  1. LEBANON:  Love everything about the country: the amazing landscapes and historical sites, the hybrid and chaotic atmosphere in Beirut, the nightlife at Skybar and B018.
  1. Don Draper:  Do we need to explain why … ?  We’re so excited for Season 5!

"Was he looking at my legs or my poodle? We have talked about this Kiki, I love you but you are not allowed to outshine me."

We asked Claire from JoliCassolet– What is your favorite spot in your Little Maison:  My wardrobe.  But recently it has become Patrick’s favorite spot.  We share a common interest for fashion – he is the brains behind each outfit I put together.

Check out how cozy Patrick looks below and don’t forget to stop by the blog HERE and LIKE JoliCassoulet HERE on facebook.

All Artwork © 2012 JoliCassoulet


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