Inspiring Artist: Jen Schultz

While checking in on fellow WordPress bloggers, I bumped into the lovely illustration blog,  One Happy Little Mama by Jen Schultz.  I was immediately drawn to her whimsical illustrations and I couldn’t be more pleased that she agreed to a Q & A.  I am most impressed with her ability to manage a blog, create beautiful drawings, work and be a mommy!  In one word I’d call that:  impressive.

To celebrate the Q&A Jen has graciously offered 30% off with code CHIRP05 in her new Etsy shop HEREGo support her!

Also, be sure to follow her blog HERE to witness dreamy creations in the making.

Hometown:   The Deep South
Current City of Residence: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Administrative Assistant by day, mommy, wife and artist by night

Tell us about yourself and where you draw inspiration from.
I’m a happy mama of 2 awesome children who are my world! I find the most joy in spending time with them.“We never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents.”  Henry Ward Beecher

I am a big fan of quotes. I’m always searching for inspiration in a quote that I can relate to, depending on what situation I am facing on any given day.  Sometimes I’ll have thoughts or worries churning in my head, and I’ll find that one quote that sums it all up for me. And, that’s usually the catalyst for an initial sketch and it just blooms from there.

What is your favorite piece you’ve made recently and why?
‘God is Good’, (above) because I love the message in the Emerson quote, “The wise man in the storm prays to God, not for safety from the danger, but deliverance from fear.”

In this illustration, my little lady is moving forward, confidently, with that dark, stormy cloud behind her.  She knows who is in control, ultimately, and understands the calm that results in being fearless.  It’s not always the easiest advice to follow but, at least for me, it makes perfect sense and helps to set me at ease if I’m facing worry or anxiety in life.

How do you fit art in your everyday life?
Hmm.  This can be a challenge!  Being a working mom, it’s not always easy but I’m pretty crafty at finding all sorts of opportunities during the day to squeeze in a sketch (including while in my car, during lunch hour).  Free time is free time, right?  I’ll take it!

What is one reoccurring theme in your artwork?
I suppose I’ve never really stopped to consider this, before.  But, it seems I’m definitely drawn to my whimsical little ladies who offer up some pretty solid advice for me and, I hope, anyone who views them.  I get a real sense of contentment from my process of having the initial thoughts or feelings about a situation in my life and then putting those feelings to paper through my art, for others to enjoy.

I’ve also illustrated a few critters! I’m a big animal lover, especially birds. Usually, when I draw one of my animals, it’s because something about their shape or color caught my eye and stirred something in me to have a go at my interpretation.

Below, Jen shared a photo of her favorite spot in her Little Maison:  her back porch.   She said it is the best place in the house to watch her children play and the birdies buzz by!  Thanks for sharing Jen!

Don’t forget to stop in for 30% off   with code CHIRP05 in her new Etsy shop HERE and follow her blog HERE

All artwork and photographs are © 2012 One Happy Little Mama
All copyright and reproduction rights are retained by the artist. Artwork may not be reproduced
by any process without the express written permission of the artist.

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Artist: Jen Schultz

  1. Hillary says:

    ‘God is Good’ is a wonderful illustration and an inspiration to me to match her stride and confidence.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful discovery with me.

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