Weekend Street Art

Long Island City (Queens), New York

Art can be found everywhere.  I am particularly drawn to art that pops up in unexpected places.  This beauty above made an appearance in my neighborhood over a month ago.  On further inspection, it is paper applied with an adhesive to the brick wall.  It’s simply brilliant and makes me smile daily as I travel to and from the subway.

Paris was filled with street art and murals.  One of my favorites was found on a small street in Montmartre while my friend Annette and I visited Sacre Coeur.  I’d love to know if it is still there.

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Found in Montmartre - Paris, France

For more artistic inspiration check out my past post HERE about Artist, Jessica Durrant.  She’s fabulous!


15 thoughts on “Weekend Street Art

  1. Jasmine says:

    I love street art! Have you ever been to Melbourne, Australia? They have some amazing art in the most unexpected of places. I think you’re really like it! 🙂

    x Jasmine

  2. mpchouchou says:

    So glad Sarah introduced us and our blogs. I too have an affinity for street art, especially of the French variety, which is what I used for my blog header & graphics (taken from a side street near Rue de Bac).

  3. mpchouchou says:

    I too love street art of the French variety! My blog header is made up from photos I took on a side street near Rue de Bac last year. Glad Sarah introduced us and looking forward to reading more on your site!

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