Books: The Lost Art

It was the end of an era yesterday as Encyclopedia Britannica announced that they will stop publishing their print addition after 244 years.    It made me think about books in general and the beauty of the printed page.   Being a true book lover, I still appreciate crisp pages filled with words to be consumed.

Although Britannica will continue to focus on their digital edition and reading is very much alive with digital readers (even I broke down and got a Nook), it’s a sad moment just the same.   I am dedicating this post to the printed book in hopes you’ll pick up a few weathered favorites at a flea market and spend an afternoon reading!

The photo above is of some of my own books.  See below for beautiful collections for sale that are so pretty they’ll surely inspire you to read!

  • Rainbow collection by My Vintage New England HERE $24
  • Blue collection by Jays World  HERE $40
  • Pink collection by Decades of Vintage HERE $25
  • Black collection by Decades of Vintage HERE $25

19 thoughts on “Books: The Lost Art

  1. whatsupyournose says:

    I have a nook, but I am with you. I love the feel of a book in my hand and actually turning the pages and even though it is bad, I love the dogged ear pages! I plan to keep my house full of beautiful books so that my children and grandchildren can also learn to appreciate the beauty of a book.

  2. DecadesofVintage says:

    I never seem to read the books that I load on my Kindle. I too love the feel and look of books. I love to read them and I love to decorate with them.

    It is easy to get lost ina book, not so easy to get lost in a device that has to be recharge all of the time.

    Great post.

  3. kmore says:

    Hi Mandy. I love your book pictures! (It hit me hard yesterday when they announced the end of print-Brittanica.) I’ve enjoyed perusing your beautiful blog! As a fellow reader, perhaps you would consider letting me profile you on my blog in a series I’ve started called “The Art of Reading.” I’m looking for creative bloggers who love books to highlight, so maybe you would be interested. If so, I would love to hear from you. If not, I understand, but I will definitely be back to check out future posts!

  4. Knitn' Green says:

    Great post! As someone who works in a public library I can’t get enough of the print word and mourned EB news too.
    Loved the book photos, I’d hang your rainbow book photo in my youngest daughters bedroom if the titles were a bit more ‘elementary’ maybe my room tho. She loves rainbows!

  5. Raebeth McGee says:

    I have a Nook as well. Though I still tend to read physical books. I like to keep my reference books in print and books I read for enjoyment on my Nook. I want to show my daughter that reading is great and there’s no better then the look and feel of a book. It’s harder to do this with just about everything going digital so it makes me sad as well. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

    *Visiting from LinkedIn Group Bloggers Helping Bloggers*

  6. Kay Lorraine says:

    I got a Kindle from my husband for my birthday this past year. My husband loves it so much, I have never gotten to read a thing from it. I have actually loaded books into it that HE is now reading.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Kay in Hawaii

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