Store Tour: Ben’s Garden

I was out looking for an estate engagement ring this past weekend with my boyfriend again (see past post HERE) and stumbled into a beautiful store!

Ben’s Garden is known for it’s decoupage catch all dishes and paperweights made from high quality glass with witty phrases and endearing illustrations.   Their work is exquisite, but the store itself completely blew me away.  The propping and styling is top notch.  Every item was surrounded by complementary goods to create dramatic nooks of perfection.  Their website sells most of their glass goods, however, if you find yourself in Huntington, New York it is worth the trip for some home decor intoxication.  Be sure to check out their website HERE and enjoy some of the store photos I took while browsing below!


5 thoughts on “Store Tour: Ben’s Garden

  1. sparklypinklemons says:

    That is a really neat website/store! I like the coasters. Your idea of estate ring, formed a convo with my bf and I. I found a cool place here in Traverse City, MI that does that sort of thing.

    • Mandy says:

      Glad to inspire! My boyfriend and I may have found a ring, it’s been a process. There aren’t as many places in NY that carry estate rings as I thought there would be. Good luck with your search and keep me posted!

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