Pretty as a Peacock

© Little Maison

Some of the best colors are found in nature.  While at the Bronx Zoo this past Fall, I snapped a few shots of this boldly colored feathered friend.  I am not sure if the photo does its coloring justice, however, it was an inspiration to gather some favorite Spring items to match this regal creature.

Ruffled handmade leather clutch in cobalt = perfection.  Karrah Designs on Etsy has some of the prettiest bags I’ve seen in a while.  This one is $70 HERE

I am a sucker for monograms and this modern acrylic take on a classic idea is brilliant.  This is a must have necklace for Spring, HERE for only $58.

This rubber bracelet is a cool rendition of this season’s color blocking motif.  It’s a great way to infuse color into any outfit!  $195 HERE

One of my all time favorite cocktail rings (I have a smokey grey one) by Swarovski HERE for $155.

I love this new shade by Deborah Lippmann.  Her nail polish is completely non-toxic and not tested on animals.  I think our friend above would be pleased.  $16 HERE


10 thoughts on “Pretty as a Peacock

  1. Kay Lorraine says:

    I find that turquoise and cobalt blue (“peacock” is somewhere in there) are two of the very few colors that look good on almost anyone. Whether you are Asian, African American or a pale blonde (like me), all skin tones tend to look good in turquoise and cobalt blue. Perhaps it is because they are such vivid colors.

    Colors like pink, brown, yellow, lilac, etc. only pop on just the right skin tone. I think that’s one of the reasons that I like this assortment so much. Can’t think of anyone they wouldn’t look great on!

    Vicky, your clutch is amazing!!!!

    Kay in Hawaii

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