Glory to the Goblet

I love vintage glassware.  Specifically, the goblet is a chic addition to any kitchen.   These sturdy glasses are a topple free way of enjoying a drink with friends but are perfect for your favorite sorbet as well.  Here are some of the prettiest goblets I’ve found lately.  Clearly, worth considering.


12 thoughts on “Glory to the Goblet

  1. Angela says:

    Mandy, all of these goblets are beautiful. They all have a style of their own. Since, my home is modern I would like to add some softness to it ( and all my rooms) and don’t know which to pick, they are so ver y nice!

  2. Kay Lorraine says:

    I also have some vintage goblets. They are pale pink crystal and were a wedding present to my parents back in 1944. Unlike the ones you have shown here, mine are not sturdy. They are delicate and I’m afraid to use them. Only three remain now, but I cherish them.

    Long live the goblet!

    Kay in Hawaii

  3. zaliwanaaccessories says:

    I love these glasses, they are awesome.The colours are vibrant and very alluring. The blue ones have a very interesting shape. I bought a set of vintage wine glasses in Hungary a few years ago in shades of green- the glass is quite fragile and not as thick as these-they are my most treasured possession!!

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