Rock the Clogs

I love clogs.  For those of you who know me well, you know that I swear by them.  In fact, when I make my pitch about how great clogs are, I often reference my two week walk around the streets of Paris in 1 pair of Danskos. Like it or not, they are better than sneakers!

Luckily for me in the past few years clogs have gotten some fashionable press, yet, what’s a girl to do when she just can’t let go of a trend?  Find über fashionable hybrid clogs of course!

I discovered Swedish Hasbeens a few years back and fell in love with their innovative styles and color selection each season.  Their Spring/Summer 2012 collection is no exception with a dreamy assortment of Easter egg hues.  Season after season, they are spot on in style but I will just let the photos speak for themselves.  Clog on my friends!


7 thoughts on “Rock the Clogs

  1. Michael Charney says:

    I have to say that this is one the most beautiful and interesting sites I’ve seen in a while. Eclectic and tasteful, it almost shimmers. Even though there’s little here that I would normally consider interesting (no politics or sports than I can see!), I’ll be back.

  2. philipforlenza says:

    hey pook,looks like my investment paid off big time…pride feels so good,…to see how nice this was done. it pulls you right in…the photos,the theme, just a great job. dad

  3. darlaBE says:

    and here i thought i was the only one that lived in danskos…lol..started wearing them at culinary school and never looked back…thanks for sharing your experiences..and the pictures are lovely.

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