Ananda Lima & Malu

On Tuesday night I stopped by Malu in Long Island City for the opening night of Ananda Lima‘s photography exhibit, Two in the City.  It was a fun night with tasty treats, local folks and a unique exhibit by a very talented photographer!

Ananda, Brazilian born and now local, infuses her own personal blend of photojournalism and fine art into her work.  This exhibit was no exception as she showcased couples juxtaposed with industrial backdrops around Long Island City.  The Two in the City exhibit is just in time for Valentine’s Day and will be on display until February 29th 2012.  Go see it with someone you love!

While you’re taking in some beautiful photography, don’t forget to enjoy Malu with their ever changing homemade ice cream flavors and chocolate covered goodies!  I indulged in the chocolate covered cheerios and banana slices last night and have been dreaming of them ever since.  Stop by their facebook page HERE to receive updates on their new flavors and upcoming events.  I will definitely be returning for the Strawberry Champagne Sorbet!  Yum!


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