Spring Stripes

The coolest striped vase in a variety of colors by dahlhaus!

Every year following the big “New Year” celebration retail stores begin to push the nautical theme for the ‘resort wear’ vacationers.   I quite enjoy the plethora of stripes and nautical colors this time of year as it signals that Spring isn’t too far away.  Of course, we need to make it through a rough few months but nonetheless I find comfort in the stripe.

Hopefully by sharing some of my favorite striped finds, the warmth of Spring will find its way to us sooner than later!

Above, striped vases by Dahlhaus – under $50 and a great gift.  Below is the Shirley bikini top at Anthropologie for $68 which is a great piece to wear even now, peeking out of a Winter sweater!

I thought of my friend who is a new mom with this super chic diaper bag from Ikabags based in Paris for only $59.  It’s waterproof and cute enough to take out to brunch!


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